The Virtual Loppet is a series that allows everyone to race wherever they want, whenever they can.

How it Works
  1. Sign up
  2. Ski the distance
  3. Post your results
  4. Follow along live

Individual event results will earn points toward the overall season ranking in each category. Points are allocated based on your adjusted speed relative to the leader, and scaled based on the trust rank of your entry.

Q: What is the speed adjustment?
A: We adjust your average speed to account for varying amounts of elevation climbed on each course. Climb more hills versus the average of the group, and you’ll get a positive speed adjustment.

Q: What is the trust rank?
A: You’ll get 1 star for posting results; 2 more for a GPS link; 1 more for a social media link; and 1 more for describing the conditions. A five-star trust rating will earn you full points; a 1-star rating will earn you half points.

Example 1: The leader of each division, with a 5 star trust rating, will earn 100 points.

Example 2: Someone who skis at 75% of the leaders pace, with a 5 star trust rating, will earn 75 points.

Example 3: If the leader has a 1 star trust rating, they will earn 50 points.

Q: How are results compared?
A: Results will be based on average k/hr over your race course, adjusted for the amount of elevation gained. That allows some flexibility since everyone’s course will be different. We also understand that conditions will vary – so be it.

Q: When are results posted?
A: Each event leaderboard will be updated in real time on the website during the race window. The series leaderboard will also be updated in real time.

Q: What if I can’t provide a GPS link? Will I be disqualified?
A: Submit your time anyway. Honesty goes a long way! But, yeah, a GPS track adds mucho credibility. There will also be a deduction to your season series points if you’re missing a GPS link.

Q: Can I re-submit results?
A: Yes. Enter your results again, and we’ll keep your better time for the final ranking.